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The Health & Wellness Show: Precious Snowflake Syndrome: Cry ins, safe spaces and microaggressions
2016-11-18 15:00:00


America is being overrun by a bunch of crybabies whose whining has reached a fever pitch. With the recent presidential election it’s as if a switch has been flicked which gives people carte blanche to emote all over everyone else and throw tantrums in public. The ability to maintain a stiff upper lip and deal with adversity is being eroded. Feelings, however misplaced, are all that count while facts and reality are given short shrift. What are the roots of this emotional hysteria? Why do grown-ups need to hold cry-ins in their safe spaces while being protected from microaggressions? What are the effects on the individual specifically and society in general when a culture of narcissism and the eschewing of reality is not only accepted, but promoted?

Join us on this episode of The Health and Wellness show for a lively discussion of this topic. Stay tuned, as always for Zoya’s Pet Health Segment where the topic will be euthanasia.

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​Precious snowflakes

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You’re still crying wolf: Trump is « openly racist », « white supremacist », « literally Hitler » – No, he’s not

Scott Alexander
Slate Star Codex
2016-11-16 21:17:00


[Content warning: hate crimes, Trump, racism. I have turned off comments to keep out bad people who might be attracted by this sort of thing. Avoid sharing in places where this will attract the wrong kind of attention, as per your best judgment. Please don’t interpret anything in this article to mean that Trump is not super terrible]

[Epistemic status: A reduction of a complicated issue to only 8000 words, because nobody would read it if it were longer. I think this is true but incomplete. I will try to discuss missing parts at more length later.]


A New York Times article from last September that went viral only recently: Crying Wolf, Then Confronting Trump. It asks whether Democrats have « cried wolf » so many times that nobody believes them anymore. And so:

When « honorable and decent men » like McCain and Romney « are reflexively dubbed racists simply for opposing Democratic policies, the result is a G.O.P. electorate that doesn’t listen to admonitions when the genuine article is in their midst ».

I have a different perspective. Back in October 2015, I wrote that the picture of Trump as « the white power candidate » and « the first openly white supremacist candidate to have a shot at the Presidency in the modern era » was overblown. I said that « the media narrative that Trump is doing some kind of special appeal-to-white-voters voodoo is unsupported by any polling data », and predicted that:

If Trump were the Republican nominee, he could probably count on equal or greater support from minorities as Romney or McCain before him.

Now the votes are in, and Trump got greater support from minorities than Romney or McCain before him. You can read the Washington Post article, Trump Got More Votes From People Of Color Than Romney Did, or look at the raw data (source)

Puppet Masters

No surprise: US and Ukraine vote against anti-Nazi glorification resolution

2016-11-18 21:49:00


Ukraine, United States, and the Pacific island of Palau were the only three UN members to reject a Russian-authored resolution against rehabilitating and promoting Nazi beliefs.

The resolution to « Combat glorification of Nazism, Neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fueling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, » which has been submitted by Russia annually since 2006, was approved by the UN human rights committee with 131 members voting for, 3 against, and 48, mostly European nations, abstaining.

Washington and Kiev have been resolute opponents of the resolution, which is symbolic and has no legal power, over the years.

« We condemn without reservation all forms of religious and ethnic intolerance or hatred at home and around the world, » said Deputy U.S. Representative Stefanie Amadeo. « However, due to this resolution’s overly narrow scope and politicized nature, and because it calls for unacceptable limits on the fundamental freedom of expression, the United States cannot support it. »

« This resolution’s recommendations to limit freedom of expression, freedom of association, and the right to peaceful assembly contravene the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and must be opposed. »

Turkey in negotiations to buy Russian S-400 anti-missile system after snubbing China deal

2016-11-18 21:44:00


NATO member Turkey says it is in talks with Russia to purchase advanced S-400 long-range air defense missile systems. Earlier, Ankara backed out of a similar deal with China, citing Beijing’s reluctance to transfer technology.

The negotiations were confirmed Friday by Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Isik, who said Russia’s attitude toward the potential deal was positive.

Undersecretary of Defense Industries Ismail Demir had earlier said Turkey was prepared to work with « any interested party, » including Russia and China, on developing its long-range air defense capabilities.

« We have already made clear that we will be in cooperation with countries and companies that would lend support to us throughout this process. We have said our doors are open and that we are willing to cooperate, » he said, as cited by Hurriyet Daily

Britain’s 1984: New surveillance law, ‘most extreme ever passed in a democracy’

Zack Whittaker
2016-11-17 08:00:00


It’s 2016 going on 1984.

The UK has just passed a massive expansion in surveillance powers, which critics have called « terrifying » and « dangerous ». The new law, dubbed the « snoopers’ charter », was introduced by then-home secretary Theresa May in 2012, and took two attempts to get passed into law following breakdowns in the previous coalition government. Four years and a general election later — May is now prime minister — the bill was finalized and passed on Wednesday by both parliamentary houses.

But civil liberties groups have long criticized the bill, with some arguing that the law will let the UK government « document everything we do online ». It’s no wonder, because it basically does. The law will force internet providers to record every internet customer’s top-level web history in real-time for up to a year, which can be accessed by numerous government departments; force companies to decrypt data on demand — though the government has never been that clear on exactly how it forces foreign firms to do that that; and even disclose any new security features in products before they launch.

Not only that, the law also gives the intelligence agencies the power to hack into computers and devices of citizens (known as equipment interference), although some protected professions — such as journalists and medical staff — are layered with marginally better protections. In other words, it’s the « most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy, » according to Jim Killock, director of the Open Rights Group.
Comment: The UK, no longer an open-society democracy, has become an Authoritarian State.

Duterte may withdraw Philippines from ‘useless’ ICC, as did Russia

2016-11-17 09:14:00


Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte says he might follow Russia’s lead and withdraw his country from the International Criminal Court (ICC). He went on to slam Western countries which have criticized his controversial ‘war on drugs’.

Speaking on Thursday ahead of his departure to Lima to attend the Asia-Pacific summit, Duterte slammed the ICC as « useless, » following criticism by an ICC prosecutor last month that the Hague-based tribunal may have jurisdiction to prosecute those responsible for deaths related to the leader’s crackdown on drugs.

Duterte said he is annoyed about the criticism he has received, and stressed that « nobody was listening » to his reasons for cracking down – which has led to the deaths of between 2,300 and 4,700 people, according to conflicting estimates.

« They are useless, those in the international criminal [court]. They [Russia] withdrew. I might follow. Why? Only the small ones like us are battered, » Duterte said, referencing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to sign an executive order removing Moscow’s signature from the founding treaty of the ICC on Wednesday. Duterte is seeking a meeting with Putin in Lima this weekend, as he aims to pursue a foreign policy aimed at weaning his country’s dependence on the US.
Comment: Who else is in the ‘not-club’ of the ICC?

The United States is not a participant in the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC is a permanent international criminal court, founded in 2002 by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (Rome Statute) to « bring to justice the perpetrators of the worst crimes known to humankind – war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide », especially when national courts are unable or unwilling to do so.

As of November 2016, 124 states are members of the Court. Countries that have not signed or ratified the Rome Statute include India, Indonesia, and China. On May 6, 2002, the United States, in a position shared with Israel and Sudan, having previously signed the Rome Statute, formally withdrew its intent of ratification.

Positions in the United States concerning the ICC vary widely. The Clinton Administration signed the Rome Statute in 2000, but did not submit it for Senate ratification. The Bush Administration, the US administration at the time of the ICC’s founding, stated that it would not join the ICC. The Obama Administration has subsequently re-established a working relationship with the Court.

A latent intent to cooperate with no formal policy decision, stalled out for 18 years, has given the US the liberty to en masse a global criminal record without answerability.

Lavrov: Russian jets prevent IS entering Syria, criticized Obama’s farewell message as negative, sideline talks

2016-11-18 00:15:00


Russian bombers are striking terrorist targets in Syria’s Idlib and Homs provinces so that Islamic State militants retreating from Iraq’s Mosul do not cross into Syria, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said after « constructive » talks with his US counterpart, John Kerry.

« Our aviation and the aviation of Syria work only in the provinces of Idlib and Homs in order to prevent the IS from crossing into Syria from Mosul, » Lavrov explained after meeting Secretary of State Kerry on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders week in Peru’s Lima.

While both diplomats regarded the talks, which touched on Syria, Yemen and Ukraine, as « productive » and « constructive, » Lavrov also alluded to the allegations made by US State Department that Russian jets were behind the reported bombings of 5 hospitals in Aleppo and Idlib. The Russian Defense Ministry repeatedly said that Russian jets have not been flying sorties in Aleppo during the last 30 days, while targets in Idlib and Homs, said to be terrorist arms factories and warehouses, are carefully selected.

Lavrov also commented on the incident at Wednesday’s State Department briefing, in which spokesman John Kirby dismissed RT’s Gayane Chichakyan request to provide details on the allegedly bombed hospitals on the grounds that RT was a « state-owned outlet, » saying it was « unacceptable. » However, Lavrov said he did not want to discuss the conduct of Kirby, who was not in Lima.
Comment: A sample of John Kirby’s flip behavior to Gayanne Chichakyan, RT reporter.

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Candidate Le Pen: Joining forces with Putin & Trump would be good for world peace

2016-11-17 04:57:00


Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right National Front, says that if she wins the presidential elections, the world will become a safer place, as France will cooperate with both US President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Le Pen, who saw in a largely unpredicted triumph of Donald Trump an encouraging sign in the run-up to the French presidential elections, said Wednesday that anti-establishment sentiment has been gaining ground all over the world. She believes it also enabled Brexit and may propel her to the presidential office in France come May.

« The forces at work in these various elections are ideas, forces which could bring about my election as the president of France next May, » Le Pen said at the opening of her presidential campaign headquarters in Paris on Wednesday, speaking of a « worldwide movement » which stands up to « unchecked globalization, destructive ultra-liberalism, the elimination of nation states, the disappearance of borders. I’m convinced the French people will follow in British and American footsteps, » she told ITV News.

Outlining the first steps she would take as the president, Le Pen said she would stage a referendum on France’s membership in the EU, paving the way for repeat of the British scenario, as well as reintroduce border checks. Reflecting on what impact her victory could have on a global scale, Le Pen said that a possible alliance between Russia, US and France « would be good for world peace. »

Say the words, Donald – You’re fired!

Eric Peters
Eric Peters Auto
2016-11-18 19:34:00


It is good that Hillary lost – obviously.

But it may prove to be the worst thing that could have happened.

Depending on what Trump does as president.

If he governs as a Republican, it is time to pack bags. Because the clock is ticking. We will have – at best – four years before something far worse than Hillary returns, with a vengeance.

Bernie Sanders, for instance. Or Michelle Obama.

Or – probably – something far worse than either.

If Trump screws it up, the blowback will be epic. An outright socialist will be the next president. Or perhaps something even more outright. Remember: We got Obama (and Obamacare) both of which had been inconceivable before George W. Bush because of the disaster that was George W. Bush. He did to the Republican brand what the diesel « cheating » debacle has done to VW.

Without him, Obama would have been impossible.

In the same way, Bernie (or Michelle or much worse) will be made inevitable by a failed Trump presidency.

Even those who supported Trump will be hardpressed to do so four years hence if he proves to be another Republican. Keep in mind the 90-plus percent approval enjoyed (briefly) by our « war president » and Great Decider. And what happened later. A war does distract the boobs for a time – makes it easier to pick their pockets and take away their freedoms in the name of protecting them. Wave the flag, talk about how « great » America is.

But they eventually notice that their pockets are empty and that they have become more like feudal serfs than citizens of a free republic.

Hillary lost not because Trump was a great candidate. She lost because she was transparently the tool of the War and Wall Street interests that own the country. She could not enthuse her own side. Trump won as the backlash candidate; a vote for him was a vote against the system – which Hillary embodied.

Not a vote for him.

Even Bill acknowledges this.

If Trump proves to be what Hillary certainly would have been – it’s over. And this time, it’ll be for good. There will not be another chance. The Free Shit Army will have its day. And a long night will descend.

Hillary attack dog David Brock scheming to « kick Trump’s ass » with Soros, Steyer, Sussman

Tyler Durden
Zero Hedge
2016-11-18 19:23:00


The last time we encountered David Brock, Hillary Clinton’s so called media « attack dog », was two months ago when we exposed a money laundering scheme involving over a dozen of his Pro-Clinton SuperPACs. Now, it appears that unable to concede defeat, the man who aligned his career with Hillary Clinton, is going for blood, and is soliciting the help, but mostly money, of Clinton’s top donors.

According to Politico, Brock is launching his own Koch-brothers-like donor network to finance attacks on President-elect Donald Trump and to rebuild the political left after Trump’s stunning victory over Clinton last week. In an email sent out on Thursday night, Brock emailed more than 200 of the biggest donors on the left, including finance titans George Soros, Tom Steyer and Donald Sussman all of whom invested millions of dollars in Clinton’s campaign with nothing to show for it, inviting them to a private retreat in Palm Beach during inauguration weekend to assess what Democrats did wrong in 2016, figure out how to correct it and raise cash for those initiatives.

« This will be THE gathering for Democratic donors from across the country to hear from a broad and diverse group of leaders about the next steps for progressives under a Trump Administration, » Brock wrote to the donors in an email. « What better way to spend inaugural weekend than talking about how to kick Donald Trump’s ass? » Brock said.

Comment: Right… « Progressives ». For people like Brock, that word means something different than you think it means: Progressive liberal values: Tony Podesta’s creepy taste in art, the creepy people he hangs out with, and Pizzagate

Comment: Further reading:

Wanted: Color revolutionaries for hire: Soros orgs caught red-handed funding anti-Trump demonstrations, protesters offerred $15/hr
‘Carnivore of the first order’ – Check out this Soros interview from the 90s
Soros and neoliberal elite to meet in D.C. to strategize resistance movement against their elected president
The Empire Strikes Back: Soros gathers an army to ‘take back power’ from Trump
Is a Soros/Clinton counter-revolution in the offing?
Fomenting a national crisis and color revolution: Soros-funded anti-Trump protesters riot in cities across United States


ISIS suspects arrested for terror plot against Israeli soccer players in Albania

2016-11-18 20:14:00


Counter-terrorism police in Kosovo arrested 19 people associated with Islamic State who are believed to have been preparing synchronized attacks in the Balkans region, including an assault during a football match between Israel and Albania.

Police acted in coordination and cooperation with the Kosovo Intelligence Agency (KIA), and said attacks were planned to have taken place not only in Kosovo and neighboring Albania, but across the Balkans, local daily reported.

Security police were closely monitoring a group of people who received orders from Lavdrim Muhaxheri, an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) member, said to be the self-declared « commander of Albanians in Syria and Iraq. »

Comment: SOTT Exclusive: Dead or alive? NATO’s Kosovar ISIS militant raised from the grave, assumes new role

Law enforcers discovered that the suspects were divided into different groups and coordinated by Muhaxheri. Of the 19 suspects they arrested, 18 were Kosovo citizens and one was a citizen of the Republic of Macedonia, police said. Following a thorough covert investigation, sufficient evidence was gathered showing that « certain persons were planning to commit terrorist acts in Kosovo and [an attack against] the Israeli football team and fans during the Albania-Israel match. »

Police said they seized « 281 grams of explosives of the type TATP, considered to be one of the most dangerous explosives, as well as about 2.5 kg of substance mixed with explosives; a semi-automatic rifle caliber 7.62mm; a hunting rifle; ammunition; 719 bullets of different calibers; a drone; a radio; cordless phones; some materials and religious literature from authors notorious for their extremist ideology. »
Comment: See also: Kosovo’s Daesh training camps, a nursery for young terrorists

Russian FM spokeswoman makes reasonable statement, people go crazy

2016-11-17 18:57:00


Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman who has made caustic rhetoric and sarcastic social-media posts a staple of her public outreach, has an idea whom U.S. President-elect Donald Trump can thank for his stunning victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton: « the Jews. »

In an appearance that has triggered accusations of anti-Semitism, Zakharova suggested on a nationally televised talk show over the weekend that money from Jewish people played a key role in Trump’s win.

Conversations she had with American Jews in September while in New York for the UN General Assembly made it clear that the billionaire businessman would triumph, she said.

« If you want to know what will happen in America, who do you have to talk to? You have to talk to the Jews, naturally. But of course, » Zakharova said, prompting applause from the studio audience of Sunday Evening, a show hosted by pro-Kremlin television personality Vladimir Solovyov.

Comment: Why is this even controversial? Jewish groups like AIPAC are very powerful and influential, and it’s a point of pride for the Jewish people (even Netanyahu). And Trump is very popular with the Jewish community.

And RFE/RL ignores one relevant fact here: Solovyov himself is Jewish! If you watch the video, Zakharova is clearly being speaking somewhat tongue-in-cheek, and Solovyov is laughing.


Neocons nest threatens Trump administration

Wayne Madsen
Strategic Culture Foundation
2016-11-18 19:07:00


During his uphill campaign for the Republican Party presidential nomination and subsequent race for the White House, president-elect Donald Trump called NATO « obsolete », implied that Russia had not committed « aggression » by re-incorporating Crimea following a popular referendum in that region, and proclaimed he would be an « honest broker » in negotiations between Israel and Palestine. These may be mere words, not backed up by U.S. foreign policy changes, if Trump continues to bring discredited neo-conservatives – neocons – from the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush into his inner circle of advisers and, potentially, into senior national security and foreign policy positions in his administration.

While Vice President-elect Mike Pence, the official chairman of Trump’s presidential transition team, is concentrating on domestic policy appointments, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, the publisher of the New York Observer and someone who is very much aligned with the right-wing Likud Party of Israel, has become the de facto chair of the Trump transition team where national security matters are involved. Already booted from the transition team by Kushner have been New Jersey Governor Chris Christie; Global Impact, Inc. CEO Matthew Freedman, a national security adviser to Christie; and Mike Rogers, the former House Intelligence Committee chairman. They were replaced by neocons, such as Frank Gaffney, the head of the Center for Security Policy (CSP) and a major cheerleader for the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq and the U.S.-instigated « themed revolutions » in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine.

Although Trump said he looks forward to restoring good relations with Russia after a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in February 2015, Gaffney, ever the war-mongering neocon, wrote the following on his CSP website: « We must not only deter Vladimir Putin’s thuggery. We must also counter his Chinese allies and enablers ». That sort of rhetoric certainly does not sound anything like Trump’s stated policy of seeking closer relations with Russia and China.

Like swarms of parasitic insects and other harmful infestations, where one finds the likes of Gaffney, former CIA director James Woolsey – also a member of the Trump transition team – and John Bolton, rumored to be in consideration for either Secretary of State or Deputy Secretary of State, one will find other disreputable neocons who drove the United States into wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These include Richard Perle, who claimed U.S. troops invading Iraq would be met with Iraqis throwing « flowers and candy », and America’s chief proponent of political fascism, Michael Ledeen.
Comment: See also: If Trump lets neocons infiltrate his Foreign Policy Team they will undermine his entire agenda

Lithuania Suspends Russian TV Station For 3 Months For Airing Anti-U.S. Comments Made By Russian Lawmaker

2016-11-17 18:20:00


Lithuania pulled a Russian state-run television station off the air after a Russian lawmaker was shown criticizing U.S. policy in remarks regulators deemed were an « incitement to war, discord, and hatred. »

The November 16 order by the country’s radio and TV commission suspends broadcasts by RTR Planeta, the international service of Russian state-owned broadcaster VGTRK, for three months.

The order came after a recent broadcast in which Russian Duma member Vladimir Zhirinovsky was shown saying that if U.S. troops get near Russia’s borders « they will burn down with the crew. »

Zhirinovsky is the leader of the nationalist Liberal Democratic party and is known for flamboyant remarks but also for hewing closely to Kremlin policy.

It’s not the first time that the former Soviet republic has suspended the channel, but it comes amid increasing concerns about Russia state propaganda and its effect on Russian-speakers in the Baltic region.

Russians make up around 6 percent of Lithuania’s population, the smallest proportion of the three Baltic states.
Comment: Sounds like the Lithuanian government is trying to create a ‘safe space’ for their citizens.

Second month into Mosul battle shows no progress but displaces nearly 60,000

2016-11-18 18:18:00


Thursday marked one month of intensified military operations to retake Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul from Daesh; the much-publicized offensive however has only heightened the humanitarian crisis in the country and seems to be far from over.

One month since the start of the much-publicized offensive to retake Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul from Daesh, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) stated that the operation has only increased the already dire humanitarian situation in Iraq.

« Today marks one month of intensified military operations to retake the city of Mosul…These latest developments further exacerbate a humanitarian crisis in a country where 10 million people already were in need of aid, » OCHA said in a joint statement with aid agencies on Thursday.
Comment: Meanwhile: Iraq’s Mosul Military Operation Has Displaced Nearly 60,000

Over 59,700 people were displaced in the Iraqi city of Mosul amid the operation to liberate it from the Daesh terrorist group, with the number increasing by over 5,400 in the past five days, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said Friday.

« One month into Mosul military operations, which began on 17 October, over 59,700 Iraqis are displaced from Mosul and adjacent districts as of 18 November, according to IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Emergency Tracking…. The majority of displaced are from Mosul district (87 percent, over 51,800 individuals), and the districts of Al-Hamdaniya (8 percent, over 4,800 individuals), Tilkaif (4 percent, over 2,600 individuals) and Telefar (less than 1 percent, 60 individuals), » the organization said in a statement.

According to the IOM, over 3.1 million Iraqis have been displaced across the country since January 2014 through November 10, 2016.


Abbas says he will reveal who killed Arafat: World will be « amazed » by who did it

Jonathan Cook
Al Jazeera
2016-11-17 18:14:00


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has revived long-standing suspicions that his predecessor, Yasser Arafat, was murdered. Abbas announced last week that he knew the killer’s identity, adding that the world would be « amazed when you know who did it ».

Abbas made the unexpected announcement during a commemoration, marking the 12th anniversary of Arafat’s death, in the West Bank city of Ramallah, where the former Palestinian leader is buried.

Arafat died in a French military hospital in 2004, aged 75. He had been evacuated days earlier from his Ramallah headquarters after rapidly falling ill. His Muqata compound had been under siege by Israeli forces for more than two years.

Abbas also suggested that a Palestinian commission of inquiry into Arafat’s death may be close to releasing its findings, after years of delays. Palestinian media have wondered whether the report could be issued as soon as the end of this month, when Abbas’ Fatah movement is scheduled to hold a postponed general congress.
Comment: Israel played a key role in the creation of Hamas as a counter to Arafat’s PLO. Now, regardless of the level of control retained by Israel, Hamas still serves a role. Palestinian politics are fractured and ineffective. Israel has its « hardline Islamist enemy », and ordinary Palestinians lose. Without evidence, it will be hard to know whether Abbas is telling the truth about Arafat’s killer, or whether he is just trying to win points for his own self-interest.

Turkish push to secure Syrian border by Summer 2017 fraught with obstacles

2016-11-18 18:06:00


Turkey aims to fully secure its borders before summer 2017, according to Turkey’s Defense Minister Fikri Isik. Turkish-backed forces are pursuing a campaign to clear Daesh and Kurdish fighters from northern Syria. However, Turkey won’t have the support of the US military, which this week withdrew its backing of Turkish ground troops in Syria.

Comment: But Turkey says it is working with Russia and the US: Turkey coordinating operation in Syria’s Al-Bab with Russia and US

Turkey shares a 900-kilometer (559 miles) border with Syria, which has been embroiled in a bloody civil war since 2011.

The Turkish Armed Forces are trying to boost security on the Turkish side of the border, by constructing concrete walls to stop illegal crossings. On the Syrian side, they are pressing ahead militarily with coalition air forces, through Operation Euphrates Shield, which has other NATO members’ support.

Society’s Child

Yellowstone visitor suffers fatal fall into scorching-hot acidic geyser

2016-11-18 15:41:00


A man who was dissolved in a scorching-hot acidic geyser while visiting Yellowstone National Park during the summer had been trying to find a place to bathe when he accidentally fell into the spring.

In June, Colin Nathaniel Scott lost his footing and fell into a Norris Geyser Basin spring, one of the oldest and hottest in the Wyoming nature reserve with temperatures around 93 degrees celsius (199 Fahrenheit).
Comment: See also: Yellowstone National Park visitor presumed dead after falling into hot spring

Colorado cops assault and arrest diabetic man having low blood sugar episode without first asking questions

Matt Agorist
The Free Thought Project
2016-11-18 00:00:00


Carl Leadholm was in medical distress and needed help when he was targeted by five Commerce City Police officers. However, his innocence and the fact that he needed help was of no consequence to the officers who mistook low blood sugar for a criminal act. This week, Leadholm filed a federal civil lawsuit against the department for the abuse during that stop that left him beaten and in the hospital.

In November 2014, Leadholm’s blood sugar began to drop causing him to swerve while driving. This swerving caught the attention of five of Commerce City’s finest who pulled Leadholm over. However, instead of simply talking to the man and asking him what was going on, they yanked him from the car and began assaulting the innocent diabetic.

« It would have taken a simple conversation and this never would have happened, » said David Fisher, Leadholm’s attorney to CBS Denver. « They admit, we just went up there knocked on the window, pulled him out of the car to the ground, boom- start hitting him in the leg. »

Newborn baby died in Milwaukee County jail after staff refused help to laboring mother, former inmate says

2016-11-18 19:39:00


A woman who was nine months pregnant and held at the Milwaukee County Jail in July said she notified a corrections officer that she was going into labor, but the officer laughed at her. Her newborn died later in the day, she says in a legal filing.

Shadé Swayzer, 30, has filed a notice of claim against the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, run by Sheriff David Clarke, alleging that the jail staff refused to respond to her request for medical attention when she said, at around midnight, that her waters had broken and she was going into labor. She says she gave birth at around 4am, but did not receive attention for another two hours.

The child was « born alive, cried profusely and was breastfed, » Swayzer said in the claim. Yet complications led to the child’s death later in the day. She is seeking $8.5 million in damages, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Comment: See also: Mother dies in Michigan jail after calls for help allegedly ignored

Suicide of human trafficking researcher in Haiti raises questions

The Political Insider
2016-11-17 20:59:00


It has been reported on Reddit that Monica Petersen, working for the Human Trafficking Center, was in Haiti investigating possible human trafficking connections to the Clinton Foundation.

Peterson previously worked for the Colorado Human Trafficking Council’s Data & Research Task Force. Early in 2016, a friend shared her blog post which was critical of Hillary Clinton’s shady dealings in Haiti.

Carlos Slim’s net worth is more than $64.8 billion dollars. The richest man on earth is a Mexican telecom mogul, whose career’s « most interesting parts » are his links to businessmen « suspected of involvement in Mexico’s so-called ‘Cartel of the Southeast. » He is a Clinton associate and donor to the Clinton Foundation. In 2015, Carlos Slim became the largest shareholder in the New York Times. William Engdahl, an author and lecturer with a degree in politics from Princeton suggests in this revealing article that this may explain why we will not be reading about the « murky dealings » of The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation in Haiti from the New York Times; « formerly America’s most respected newspaper of record. » According to Haiti activist Ezili Dantò: « The Clintons have used governmental power to conduct their private business and called it ‘helping poor Haitians.’ »

Hillary Clinton should get far more scrutiny for her scandalous conduct in Haiti; from rigging the March 2011 presidential election for her favored candidate Michel « Sweet Mickey » Martelly (supporter of the CIA created death squad FRAPH) to insuring that her brother Tony Rodham and « a company that barely exists. » got a « sweetheart gold mine concession in Haiti » that « royally cheated » the state of Haiti.

Close friends are starting to raise questions, because the family has been unable to get details about her death.
Comment: From steemit:


On August 2015 Monica posted on Facebook asking for info on sex trafficking in Haiti because she was heading there to help/investigate. Also shown in the screenshot above.

Another blog post written by Monica:

A good friend of Monica picked up a Reddit thread and posted it on her Facebook. This says quite a lot.

« It seems that Monica was in Haiti investigating the Clintons possible ties to a pedophile ring. Monica family hasn’t been able to get any straight answers about her death. »

Bella is also linking to the blog post previously found.

Someone messaged Bella. This was the answer:


One of her friends even wants to go down to Haiti to investigate.


Trump backers call for Pepsi boycott over CEO comments in NYT interview

2016-11-18 18:08:00


Supporters of US President-elect Donald Trump are calling to boycott PepsiCo products because of comments made by the head of the company.

After congratulating Trump on his victory in an interview last week for the New York Times Dealbook, Indra Nooyi said « all » her staff were « mourning » and « crying » following the election result. She added that she felt it necessary to reassure some of them who were concerned about their safety.

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Tourists warned by UK charity not to report rape in Dubai after ‘gang raped’ Brit arrested for ‘extramarital sex’

2016-11-18 17:54:00


A UK charity is warning British tourists and expats in Dubai not to report rape to police after a woman was arrested and charged with « extramarital sex » after telling authorities she had been gang raped.

Detained in Dubai, an organization that assists people who have become victims of injustice in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), says rape should not be reported in the country because of « racist » preconceptions held against Western tourists and « manipulation when it comes to criminal accusations. »

We get people contacting us asking whether they should report a crime and – whether it be a rape or anything else – I often say no. Absolutely not, » Radha Stirling, the founder of the charity, told the Independent.

« It’s about the laws for one, but it also comes down to the application of the law. Police there do get a lot of rape claims that are false, many of which come from disgruntled prostitutes who retaliate by reporting false criminal claims.

« Because of this, the police are wary of false accusations, so when a report does come in they think, ‘Oh, maybe the girl was just drunk and then she regretted it the next day.’

« It’s also linked to the fact that tourism in the UAE has increased and there is a big clubbing scene. People go there to have a good time and the country promotes this. But they do assume women are ‘looking for it’.

« There is the social perception that if a woman drinks alcohol, she has consented to it. And there’s also a racist mentality of thinking, ‘She’s British so she was probably drunk and asking for it.’ »
Comment: The better advice to give UK tourists is to visit someplace else. See also: Outrageous! UK woman raped in Dubai arrested, now faces years in prison or flogging and stoning to death

Aleppo residents flee the city from rampaging terrorist forces, finding safety in Russian humanitarian centers

2016-11-18 17:58:00


Civilians who managed to flee from Aleppo tell chilling stories of how terrorists entrenched in the eastern districts of the besieged city torment the city residents.

Despite constant attempts by terrorists to prevent residents from fleeing the terrorist-held neighborhoods, an apparent attempt to use civilians as ‘human shields’ against the advancing Syrian forces, the desperate people keep trying to reach the safety of government-controlled areas.

Mahmoud Alukasyr, who now lives with his family in a humanitarian center established near the city, is one of those who succeeded, according to RIA Novosti.

« Militants raided my district, killed my brother because he served in the army, so me and my family fled to the al-Jamiliah district. Now we live here in this humanitarian center. I want to thank the Russian government and Russian people who support us; we’ll never forget this, » he said.

Coroner discloses body organs of over 15,000 Syrians sold in past 6 years to fund ISIS

FARS News AGency
2016-11-17 17:15:00


Director-General of the Syria Coroner’s Office Hossein Noufel disclosed that the body organs of thousands of Syrian civilians have been sold in the international black markets over the past six years.

« We have accurate information that over 25,000 surgical operations have been conducted in the refugee camps of the neighboring countries and in the terrorist-controlled areas in Syria since 2011 to take out the body organs of 15,000 Syrians and sell them in the international black markets, » Dr. Noufel said.

He pointed to the high prices of human body organs in the black markets, and said, « A kidney is sold $10,000 in Turkey while the same kidney is sold for $1,000 in Iraq, but in Lebanon and Syria the price of each kidney is $3,000. »

Dr. Noufel said that other human body organs such as spleen and cornea are also sold in the black markets.

Graphic video: Half-dozen cops pummel man with batons as their K9 tears into his flesh

Matt Agorist
The Free Thought Project
2016-11-17 15:35:00


A graphic video has surfaced on Facebook showing a half dozen police officer beating a man while their K9 tore into him. The El Centro Police Department has since opened an investigation.

The video shows multiple police officers around suspected car thief, 23-year-old Elizardo Saenz. The officers are seen beating Saenz with batons as the man recording pleaded with them to stop.

As the K9 is tearing into the suspect’s flesh, officers are yelling ‘stop resisting’ as they continue the attack. As the Free Thought Project has reported numerous times in the past, police often yell ‘stop resisting’ to suspects who are being mauled by a K9 — completely ignoring the impossible nature of remaining still as your flesh is ripped apart by an animal’s teeth.

According to the ECPD, the incident stems from a call they received at 9:33 a.m. Officers responded to a report of a stolen vehicle in the 1200 Block of N. 18th St. The vehicle was described as a black Volkswagen. Officers responded but were not able to find the vehicle, according to KYMA.

Later that afternoon, around 3:30 p.m., officers received a call from a family member who spotted the stolen vehicle. Once officers caught up to the vehicle, they attempted to pull it over. The driver was Elizardo Saenz.

While Saenz clearly made the wrong decision to either drive, or steal the vehicle, the officers’ subsequent reaction was entirely unwarranted.

Man set fire to Melbourne bank, injuring at least 27 people

2016-11-18 15:58:00


At least 27 people have been injured after a man set fire to a branch of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in the Melbourne suburb of Springvale, according to local media reports. Police say the man has been hospitalized in serious condition.

Several people who were inside the bank at the time of the incident are being treated for serious burns.

Twenty-one people, including three children, are being treated for smoke inhalation, The Age reported.

Michigan tries to block court-ordered water bottle delivery to Flint

2016-11-18 16:23:00


Michigan officials are fighting a federal court order to deliver water to the residents of Flint to ease the damage of lead contamination. The state argues the bottle distribution would be unnecessary to ensure residents have safe drinking water.

Earlier this month, US District Court Judge David Lawson issued a preliminary injunction ordering the state to provide bottled water in door-to-door deliveries for Flint residents where authorities couldn’t provide functioning water systems. However, on Thursday the state filed a federal court announcing their plans to appeal.

Comment: They’re appealing? Do they have any idea who suffers while they throw their tantrum?

« The required injunction far exceeds what is necessary to ensure Flint residents have access to safe drinking water, » attorneys for Michigan state wrote in a filing asking that the deliveries should be paused pending their appeal.

The state is claiming that this service will come with a monthly $10.5 million fee and could result in a series of unpleasant side effects, such as overwhelming the recycling system or undermining the state’s system of distributing water at specific sites and delivering to senior citizens, Detroit News reported.



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