The Economic Collapse : 10 Ways That Donald Trump Could Try To Reverse The Curse That Obama Has Put On America By Michael Snyder-et varia

The Economic Collapse : 10 Ways That Donald Trump Could Try To Reverse The Curse That Obama Has Put On America By Michael Snyder-et varia

The Economic Collapse

10 Ways That Donald Trump Could Try To Reverse The Curse That Obama Has Put On America
By Michael Snyder, on January 2nd, 2017

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trump-wallWhen Barack Obama betrayed Israel at the United Nations, that put a curse on our nation. But that doesn’t mean that we have to stay cursed. In the coming days, the new Trump administration should immediately start taking steps to reverse the curse that we are under as a result of what Obama has done. Perhaps if Donald Trump takes strong enough steps to try to undo what Obama has done, instead of being cursed we can once again return to being blessed.

One thing that Trump will not be able to undo is UN Security Council Resolution 2334. It would take another UN Security Council resolution to undo it, and the votes simply wouldn’t be there. UN Security Council Resolution 2334 passed by a vote of 14 to zero with the U.S. abstaining. And even if Trump could miraculously pull together enough votes, one of the other permanent members of the Security Council (Russia, China, the UK or France) could just veto it.

So it looks like we are stuck with UN Security Council Resolution 2334, but that doesn’t mean that Trump can’t do anything to try to address this matter.

Recently, a Breitbart article suggested five steps that Trump should take regarding Israel once he becomes president, and I would like to add another five to the list.

The following are 10 things that should immediately be done once Trump becomes president to try to reverse the curse that Obama has put on America…

#1 Donald Trump should clearly disavow UN Security Council Resolution 2334 during his Inaugural address. This would send a clear signal to the rest of the world that this new administration does not stand behind Obama’s betrayal of Israel.

#2 Sanctions should be imposed on every nation that voted in favor of the resolution. I know that this would be politically tricky and would greatly upset the other permanent members of the Security Council, but it should still be done.

#3 There should be a congressional declaration clearly disavowing UN Security Council Resolution 2334, and Donald Trump should endorse this declaration.

#4 The Trump administration should immediately introduce another UN Security Council resolution that would include language that completely overturns the previous resolution. Of course that resolution would almost certainly fail, but the point would be to show that the Trump administration is horrified by what has been done, and it would force the rest of the Security Council into a very uncomfortable position.

#5 Trump should immediately move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. By law this was already supposed to have happened anyway, but past presidents have always put the move off. Of course this would cause the Palestinians to riot, but Trump needs to show the world that U.S. policy is not going to be dictated by threats of violence.

#6 Trump should cut off all funding to the Palestinian authority. Considering how much debt we are in, I don’t know why we are giving them money in the first place.

#7 Trump should publicly announce that his administration will never recognize a Palestinian state. The rest of the world would get very upset by this, but it is the right thing to do.

#8 Trump should publicly announce that it is the policy of the United States government that every inch of East Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza strip and the Golan Heights belongs to Israel. I don’t think that Trump would ever do this, but it would be the single most important step that he could take.

#9 The United Nations could be defunded in whole or in part. But we don’t want to leave the United Nations entirely as some are suggesting. Now that Trump is going to be president, we want him to use the power that we have on the Security Council to protect Israel. Because without the U.S. standing in the way, the rest of the world would gang up on Israel in a major way.

#10 Trump should make an immediate presidential visit to Israel during the very first week of his presidency. This would largely be symbolic, but it would show the rest of the planet that we stand solidly with the Netanyahu government.

And if Barack Obama takes additional action against Israel during the remaining days of his presidency, steps such as I have just outlined above will become even more important.

There are still rumblings that we could see another UN Security Council resolution that would officially establish a Palestinian state before Obama leaves office. The following comes from an article by Bob Eschliman…

The official said the U.N. action could come in the form of declarations by U.N. bodies, including the General Assembly; U.N. sessions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; or even another United Nations Security Council resolution. He said any further UNSC resolution would depend on the support of the U.S. and European countries after the upcoming Paris Mideast summit slated for Jan. 15.

He said the U.N. action would seek to set the parameters of a future Palestinian state with a clear timeline for negotiations. If the action comes in the form of a resolution at a U.N. body, it could call for an infrastructure to establish mechanisms to enforce last week’s UNSC resolution, which demanded a complete halt to Israeli construction in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem and declared those territories occupied Palestinian lands.

If the UN Security Council does vote to formally recognize a Palestinian state, all hell will break loose in America.

Let us hope that does not happen, and let us hope that Donald Trump works very hard to repair the damage that has already been done once he gets into office.
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That list is just a little TOO Israel-centric.
1,3,5,6,9 are all good ideas though.
The he can appoint a special prosecutor on Hillary after lunch.
Restore relations with Russia over dinner with the ambassador.
And start digging into #pizzagate
Day 2 – Continue to drain the swamp.
1 – Surround the CIA buildings at Langley and detain everyone inside
2 – Put SEAL Team 6 on a seek and destroy mission against George Soros
3 – Surround Foggy Bottom, detain everyone inside and transfer them to a new State facility to be built in Barrow Alaska. Until it’s built let them shelter in tents. Or you can quit and get a plane ride back to the USA.

That’s absurd. Trump has already said that he’s not going to go after the Clintons. In fact, in his interview with 60 Minutes Trump said “they’re good people.” Yes, he said that.
Paul Patriot

I would respoect him far more if he stood firm on his view of Clinton’s and simply said nothing rather than saying they are “good people”

I agree. He’s obviously a politician.
JC Teecher

He’s pandering to the Shadow gov, so they don’t off him and/or his family.
Look at what happened to the Kennedys?
Bill G Wilminton NC

Yes Could Be…

Bill G Wilminton NC

Trump Disappointed Me On That….Hillary Belongs In Jail….


still suffering from your new years hangover , take a cold shower and drink some black coffee and your sanity will comeback in the morning

Those that have put their faith in Donald Trump are going to be bitterly disappointed.
Cynthia Ozbat

This is what happens when we focus on wordly things, we lose focus.

Google “Trump is Exactly Where the Elites Want Him”, and click on the first link in the search results.

Donald Trump will do what is best for Goldman Sachs.

MAGA = Make America Goldman-Sachs Again!™

GOLDMAN SACHS Back on Top in Trump Administration…

Amen and Amen! I’m waiting for the train wreck to occur because this nation has insulted God by trusting in a divisive, prideful, mocking, egotistical maniac. Until this nation and the churches in this nation repents, America will never be “great again”. America is only great when we know the person who makes it great, God Almighty!

America has already been assaulted and insulted by their leader the last 8 years. We need to repent, but not for voting in the man God chose to be there. We need to repent as a church who claims Jesus Christ but who lives for themselves. It appears you judge Trump by the outside and not according to God’s Word. This is what is exactly wrong with the church. They simply cannot see because they are blind, judging everything through the mind of men instead of through the mind of Christ.

Oh please…Stop with your Nonsense!
You actually think that Hit-Liar-y Clinton was Godly!? Bwhaaaaaaaa! Bwhaaaaaaaa! Far from it! She and Obama are Far Worse!
Take your Brainwashed Looney Lying Lefty Racist Race Baiting Whiny Loser Nutjob LIBERAL Tears and BS elsewhere!
Bill G Wilminton NC

Faith In God, Trump As Servant.


Nope….not at ALL!
It was better than Hit-Liar-y Clinton and more of the same!
We are already happy……making Looney Lying Lefty Racist Race Baiting Whiny Loser Nutjob LIBERALS Cry and Complain shows us that WE definitely did the right thing!
Stops spreading your BS Nonsense!

How so?
James Staten

Cinderella Man

Yawn….more curses I think not!!! The curse was reversed on November 8 2016 when we decided not to elect an egotistical warmongering psychopath to the white house. We would have been definitely cursed if Hillarat would have been POTUS nope we’re gonna be ok. Why don’t you do articles about how Obama is trying to do scorched earth before he leaves office? Disrespecting the Russians over unproven hacks to the election? What about the mass murder of party goers in Turkey? ISIS must be destroyed only then can we show the world that we mean business!!

“Why don’t you do articles about how Obama is trying to do scorched earth before he leaves office?”

Uh, that’s really what the past several articles have been about.
William Lutz

We only voted for the lesser of two evils, so we are cursed but to a lesser extent.

There is nothing “evil” about Donald Trump.
Paul Patriot

Whoa!!! Not so fast with the celebrating. The curse is FAR from reversed. Hint: there are more curses that this nation is facing. One, is the fact that we have collectively spit in the face of the God who has blessed this nation.

Good comments though, I agree with you , the FAITHFUL followers of the “religion of peace” aka Isis ,needs to have some serious shock and awe towards them, not the political correct paddy cakes and continued destruction of liberty that the DEMONcrats propose, but, real special forces butt kicking.

Only when we are ready to step up and take the Islamic invasion, infiltration seriously, and forget political correctness, stop worrying who calls us islamphobes…..only when we fight Isis head on is when they will know we mean business.
Paul Patriot

Forgot to mention…

.until we address Islam for what it is, a destructive, murderous ideology that seeks to kill those who will not submit to its ideology, then we will continue on the merry go round of erroneous belief that Islamic terrorists are “radicalized” and not what they really are, “faithful Islams”

This is unpopular, politically incorrect and deemed “islamphobic” by those who are ignorant of the true agenda of Islam and those who continue to believe the lie that Islam is a a “religion of peace”

Islams definition peace is far different than what most in the western consider the meaning of peace.
Jack Mccarthy

The creators of ISIS will not allow that, the CIA resists killing its operatives

Not to mention the Israeli MOSSAD. ISIS / IS / ISIL was created by the US CIA, UK MI5-6, and Israeli MOSSAD with financing from the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar – and one of the only states that has never been attacked by ISIS / IS / ISIL is the State of Israel.

William Lutz

First of all, Happy New Year.

Guys, please keep in mind that one man can’t do it alone. Trump has a lot of expertise in real estate development, but he doesn’t have the full capacity to cure everything that ails us, let alone solve conflict abroad. Furthermore, his promises are merely mediocre solutions. A lot of people need to get this through their skulls.
JC Teecher

I concur. Mr. peotus is not a saviour. In fact he may make things worse for some Americans in the short term.

let me explain, and as Mr. Lutz said…”people need to get this through their skulls”.

There is one thing, and one thing only, that causes people to see their weekly/monthly incomes decline, without ever really realizing it. Because it is not written down in black numbers across the bottom of their pay checks or even across the bottom of their weekly/monthly checking/debit account tallies.

It is the costs of, and associated with……OIL.
Gasoline costs, as of January 1st, 2017 were up, on average, .35 cents on the gallon, from a year ago.
Oil analysts say that Americans can expect another .25 to .50 cent increase during 2017.

When the cost of transportation, packaging, and all other associated costs increase, consumers will eventually see it at the stores. The main thing is food costs for most Americans, and the close second is what it costs to go to and from work, the store, and elsewhere.

Just say, the costs of gasoline goes up another .35 cents over the next few months. That is .70 cents increase per gallon over the price of two years ago, as people start heading off to summer vacation destinations.

If a person/family, burned through 100 gallons over the course of a week long trip, then better figure in another $70.00 for fuel expense and by making a simple guesstimate, another $30.00 for added costs of foods/eating out/etc.

Maybe, a $100.00 extra for the family vacation doesn’t sound like much to some, but when things are already tight…better start saving some now.

Because, Trump has already said he wanted more drilling, pumping, and exploration done here in North America, and to make this happen for oil companies and prospectors, the price for their product must remain high.
Analysts say $50.00 per barrel, for the market price, is what American Drillers must have in order to make a small profit.

Well, time will tell, and anything can happen on this prediction of gasoline costs to stay up high, but I will make a prediction that there is almost no chance of not coming true.

i predict there will be a total solar eclipse across the United States, in August (21st) of this year. It will be the most epic and complete eclipse for this area of the earth, in over 99 years.
Any significance to the winding down of the “true” Jubilee year, according to the Hebrew Calendar?
Maybe so.
James Staten

I agree that every avenue possible should be explored!!!

That’s a very noble goal, but Trump just won’t have the time to do so. He already has a lot on his plate.
James Staten

Out of those Ten Suggestions, I believe there are a few that can be implemented.

All of these ideas have value.But not enough. It you want to bring a quick stop, only one way. Start sending troops, planes and naval vessel. For joint training maneuvers with Israeli forces. Just a few at a time. Lasting maybe 8 months all together. It would send a much clearer message.
Chris Gerber

Open up an Air Base in Israel… as backup to their military. Don’t be shy.

Any and all military and other aid to Israel from the US should be ENTIRELY TERMINATED without any delay.
JC Teecher

“If the UN Security Council does vote to formally recognize a Palestinian state, all hell will break loose in America.”

I totally agree, Michael. We as the most blessed nation, primarily the “house of Israel”, in modern times, has aligned, politically, in the past, with the devil that is against our brother Judah.

God does not like blood brothers or sisters fighting with each other, but by His Good Graces, He has allowed them to team together in the past and fight a common evil enemy. God says He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, so why would we believe he has changed now?
He has not changed, and expects us to not pass “judgment” on our brothers in the the land of Israel, but to stand with them, even though, some of those have blinders on, when it comes to Jesus Christ. That does not make them our enemy.

In fact their enemy is our enemy, and that is Islamic terrorists, which includes the majority of the Palestinians over the age of 20. if Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Iran love them so much, why haven’t they offered a safe haven for the so called “helpless” peoples called Palestinians, but are just plain ole Arabians/Jordanians/ and with some philistine and canaanite blood mixed in from the past?

I say, we are in for more rocky times ahead, as the Shadow gov/UN, will fight Trump and the pro Israel establishment Republicans, every step of the way to try and overturn this UN vote.
In fact, it may be that this is God’s plan for bring to full fruition, the end of this wasteful American way of life, and a way of the beginning of tribulations, beginning of sorrows, for the consummation of the end of this age. Cheers, and happy new year!

Agreed completely from top to bottom of your comment! Something has to happen so that all of God’s people have to go back to dependence on God rather than looking for men to fix things. The quickest way for that to happen is found in your last paragraph. I have no doubt this is the ultimate plan, just not sure if we are at the point of its implementation yet.
JC Teecher

Neither am I sir, and thanks for the kind words and vote of confidence.

i do believe we are on the path for the implementation, and anyone that follows prophecy can see clearly that the riff between Russian and the USA, is part of that end times prophecy in Ezekiel 38/39.

also, the prophecy concerning Damascus becoming a “ruinous heap” is becoming more and more a likelihood, in the near future.

I see these things as signs of hope of the coming Messiah, to end the madness. others see these things as scary events that may end their availability for lust for worldly things, that bring them immediate quasi gratification.

ISIS / IS / ISIL was created by the US CIA, UK MI5-6, and Israeli MOSSAD with financing from the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar – and one of the only states that has never been attacked by ISIS / IS / ISIL is the State of Israel.

This list is too heavy duty, Trump has many other things on his To Do list. I think moving the embassy to Jerusalem would be the best move along with a strong statement of support for Israel. He certainly doesn’t have time in the first week to go to Israel, a trip which would take much planning for security reasons alone. Rather than rely on Trump, other moves could be taken by Congress, such as defunding the U.N.
JC Teecher

Amen to defunding.
Chris Gerber

And give them two days to completely move out of the USA… and don’t tell them in advance.

Congress certainly won’t be defunding the United Nations.

Well, they Should!
We shall see!

Impeach President PigBastard T.Rump!!!

Go away you Far Left Loon TROLL!

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ESAD Snotblossom! Why don’t you corn-hole ex-pResiDunce Obama instead!

I look to the future vs crying over crying over spilled milk like most of the board

………………like most of the bored! There, I fixed that for you!

Exactly! You’re 100% correct!
Chris Gerber

Whatever Trump can do about this situation may be good.. maybe not. However, notice that it was God himself that said If my people, will humble themselves, repent and turn from their evil ways… I will bless their country. The “if my people” part of that means ‘Christians’.. His people. He didn’t say, if the government does this or that..
JC Teecher

Something I brought up a while back: “Could Trump be the catalyst for the deadly wound to the beast (system)/NWO/UN.”

If # 9 were to be implemented, and eventually dismantled from existence within US borders, then it is very possible that this could be linked up with bible prophecy, and that would certainly be a sign of the times, to those with eyes to see.

Obama of course stabbed Israel, or more accurately PM Bibi, in the back. This is classic Obama – he has stabbed a whole lot of people including foreign leaders in the back.

But Resolution 2334 was approved by the entire Security Council with only the U.S. abstained. Therefore it is the policy of the ruling world on Israel policy of settlement. These settlements will be reversed. Because if Israel refused to reverse then the Security Council will impose severe punishments.

It does not matter what Trump do. If he defies the UN then he risks being kicked out of the UN. In many ways, a UN with the U.S. is so much better. It’s first order of business is the move the HQ out of NYC. [There is already a hush-hush plan to move the UN HQ to Canada.] The era of arrogant American domination of the UN is over.

Trump can be pro-Israel all he wants. Other than arm the country to the teeth what else can he do? Start a war on Iran, or on UN? Any reckless thing he does will get him impeached.

I am not anti-Israel. I am just anti-Israel settlement policy of illegal occupied land conquered by an illegal 1967 war. That illegality have been protected by the U.S. It has just stopped.
JC Teecher

I am more concerned that the land was stolen back and forth, between the Romans )first theft in 64 BC), as they became known as
christians/Crusaders; and Mohammedans for centuries upon centuries.

the jewish people that remained, were persecuted and killed relentlessly, yet somehow a remnant always remained, and never gave up hope of someday retaining their rightful ownership.

God saw to it that a remnant of the Jewish people would always stand on the Covenant land. They always have, and are the rightful owners. The Palestinians were given permission to stay on the land…peaceably, but the likes of Yasser Arafat, became a thorn in their side.

Arafat, grew up Egyptian, married a Christian French woman,( kept her enslaved) and fought along side the Muslim Brotherhood against Israelis early on before he started the PLO in the 50’s.
He was claiming Palestinian rights to the land, as an Egyptian born, Arabian supported (Muslim Brotherhood) …plant.

The whole time, there has been a presence of Arabian/Mohammedan evil lies as to who has rights to the land, and they keep stirring the pot, and have gained support of ignorant Americans, that may or may not hate the jews, but just are liberal minded enough to not care about the facts of true ownership to the land, that was given to all the 12 tribes if Israel.
Yes, the 10 Samarian tribes were dispersed and God divorced them, but nowhere did He say He had broken the Land covenant with them, and especially not the Jerusalem based tribes of Judea.

As the majority of America, claims to be Christian, and are basically Adamic descendants as Caucasians, we should be supporting and standing with our brother Judah, for the sacred covenant land of Israel of which we will someday soon return to, to be reunited with our brother Judah there, and be given our allotment of land surrounding the Millennial Temple, where Christ will sit, after the cleansing of the land from all the evil ones, and their al-Aqsa Mosque.
Bill G Wilminton NC

Rapture Comes First….

JC Teecher

Bill, can we be friends, and not keep hashing over doctrines that neither of us are gonna change our beliefs on?
Bill G Wilminton NC

My Friend I Made A Comment On What I Believe.

Rapture First

JC Teecher

Well there is definitely gonna be a change of the flesh body, into a spirit one; and that my friend, we can agree on.
It will definitely happen before Christ sets His feet upon the Mount of Olives, and just before the battle in Megiddo,
How much sooner is the question to be revealed, in time.

I sure hope so, Bill. It’s not how it reads to me in Scripture, including Jesus’ own words, but then we’d be getting into a game of semantics. I do know He will return and that there will indeed be the Rapture, and that when He returns to defend Israel at the Battle of Armageddon, Israel will receive Him as Messiah, the whole nation. Then, He will rule this world He created, in righteousness, peace and justice. Shalom to you, as well, brother.
James Staten


What utter nonsense. This is no “rapture.”

YES there is!
Your utter nonsense!

That’s how Iread it also – The words of the bible are absolute and of G-D. How we mortals interpert them is based on our wisdom and discernment
Gay Veteran

send YOUR money to Israel, keep American tax dollars here at home

So, would you agree that we should stop funding the UN and all of the other terrorist organizations we continue to fund, by the myriad of billions every year?
Bill G Wilminton NC

Good Let Them Move The UN To Canada And Someone Else Can Pay The 25% Of the Costs Of The UN That The USA Does PAY Now.

Trump Could Turn UN Building Into Hotel.


We pay 80% of the un!
Bill G Wilminton NC

Iris Thanks For The Correction

JC Teecher

yes for the UN as an International establishment, but another 25% towards the fund that pays unlimited monthly stipen to those that have been issued “refugee” status.

“UNRWA is a United Nations agency established by the General Assembly in 1949 and mandated to provide assistance and protection to some 5 million registered Palestine refugees. Its mission is to help Palestine refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, West Bank and the Gaza Strip achieve their full human development potential, pending a just and lasting solution to their plight. UNRWA services encompass education, health care, relief and social services, camp infrastructure and improvement, protection and microfinance.”
“UNRWA disbursed over US$ 1.46 million for reconstruction (~US$ 1 million) and severe repair works (~US$ 464,200). The funds reached a total of 299 refugee families across the Gaza Strip. They were able to access their assistance this week.

In addition, UNRWA is paying approximately US$ 4.5 million for the third quarter of rental subsidy payments, covering the period from July to September 2016. The funds are reaching almost 6,500 refugee families across Gaza.”

Your USSAG taxpayer contributions at work, for more muzzies that may want to give you a scalp cut, that goes horribly about 6 inches too low.
JC Teecher

Did anyone catch the part in the piece I copied above?

Through the UN, 5 Million so-called Palestinians are being helped, not only in Israel, but also in Jordan, and Lebanon, and Syria.

Who determines who these so-called palestinians are? Who distributes the funds to them? Just how much is USSAG taxpayer funded, in all reality?
Is there actual blood linage tests done to determine if those receiving these stipens, are actually Palestinians? Not no but Hell No; because there is no race, or blood linage of peoples, created by God, known as palestinians.
They are Arabian descendants of Ishmael, primarily, and secondly they were mostly Jordanians that were run out of every country they tried to settle in, because of their evil nature.
Even their own kind did not want them, so they found a champion in ole Yasser Arafat, that used them for his political and financial gain.
Gay Veteran

“…secondly they were mostly Jordanians that were run out of every country they tried to settle in, because of their evil nature….”

got ANY proof of that?

Yes, and Abbas is just as hateful. Thanks for your comments, JC Teecher.

False. Before 2000, the U.S. contributed 25 percent of the U.N. regular budget, but it was reduced to 22 percent in line with legislation passed by the U.S. Congress in 1999. The U.S. still pays 25 percent of the separate peacekeeping budget.

In the past the U.S. was willing to pay a sizable fee to run the UN, about 15%. This is because the U.S. expects a high degree of control and favors in return. If the U.S. quit a few UN agencies which it control then fee can go down to about 10% (fee is calculated for all members using the same formula). But if it does not pay its minimum basic fee then it must resign or be fired. In today’s world other members can easily take care of the lost fee. If the U.S. resign then it lost control of the setting and management of international laws.

Really? Pray tell, how was the war in 1967, initiated by other countries again Israel, illegal? The sentence isn’t even logical. And who in the heck would want to remain in an organization run by AntiSemitic and AntiChristian Islamic countries which are what the un is all about? They look the other way when any peoples are oppressed in the name of “world peace”. Their main agenda is to destroy Israel. The leaders of these Muslim countries, who have been part and parcel regarding murdering those of their own faith, Kurds, Christians and Jews in the ME, have openly and constantly called for the destruction of Israel. Sorry, tacoma, but this is a no brainer.

The msm passes along pc views in their social engineering program, and you have bought their lies. The un claims to have the authority to do these things to a sovereign nation. What if the un said that the U.S. actually belonged to Cuba? Would you buy that, too?

a reply to al those anti-Semites (not you my holy Jewish brother/sister):

If you say the West Bank and Golan is illegally occupied, I could say that the U.S. is illegally occupying CA, NV, AZ, NM and TX, because it belongs to the Mexicans. But you will say, “we won the war against them so the land is ours,” that is the same reason: “the arabas/muslims attacked, they lost the war, they lost the land, the Jews/Israelis get to keep it.” You can’t have it both ways, either wise you are a hypocrite and anti-Semite.

Agree. Our sin sick world has gone mad. We can’t tell up from sideways, anymore. God is in control however, He’s not surprised by any of this, and He will win.
Shalom, A.S.

There are about a dozen major religions on Earth each with its own God. And each such God are quite different in power and teachings. So be careful about your particular God ‘winning’ over other Gods.

The only means ancient man had to explain the world around him was to imagine gods and monsters, and the more we learned about the world (and eventually, the universe) around us the more there was a demand to explain how the mythology fit in with these new discoveries. Over the course of history the vast majority of the ancient mythologies and beliefs have been firmly debunked and disproven, our knowledge and understanding of everything is constantly evolving and growing.

I am confident that eventually the remaining supernatural will be disproven as well, just as we have long since disproven that the Sun isn’t carried across the sky in Ra’s chariot. We’re working on it, humans are a tenaciously curious bunch, we just haven’t gotten there quite yet.

Once they come to terms with the reasons you reject all the other gods and deities that man has worshiped throughout history, perhaps you will understand why I reject theirs.
Geoffrey Crumbliss

The Orthodox Jews do not accept Israel as a state they don’t serve in the military they don’t pay taxes they give rule over the area to Hezbollah, no one opposes them or can.

Please read history, just the facts. In 1967 it was Israel who initiated the war by attacking Egypt. Egypt have not attacked Israel before being attacked. Therefore the war is unprovoked aggression on Egypt as far as UN laws go.

Israel claimed Egypt sent troops into the Sinai thus threatening it. Well, the Sinai is Egyptian territory and it can put its people and defense anywhere it wants within its border. Israel can reinforce its border with Egypt but not do an actual attack. Also, as the Israel-Egypt war was waging, Israel again attacked Jordon and Syria unprovoked. Therefore the three countries Israeli attacked and won, and the resulting capture of land, are all illegal under UN rules. Israel is a UN member and must abide by all of its rulings.

Please read my comment on the UN responding to A.S. The UN has full power on the legality of international borders land and sea. On legality of military conflicts, on war plunders, on war crimes and crime against humanity. All UN members must obey or else resign. Certain big decisions on the above are decided not by the UN chief but by a group of countries called Security Council. Well, the UN SC just decided on 2334. It is final, and only another UN SC vote can reverse it.

BTW, it is the U.S., a founding member of the UN and permanent member of its Security Council, who not only wrote the original text of the above illegality, but have mostly abide by it even though it complains a lot.

Israel gets shot at daily by the Gazans, (for over 10 years), and their intelligence community is much better than that of the U.S. They knew what was hours away from coming down, just like they knew in 1948, when surrounding countries attacked them the day after statehood. The Gazans are pawns of these countries, who won’t take them back, and they and bleeding heart liberals in the U.S. and EU fund them and terrorism outside of Gaza, to continue the attempt to annihilate Israel, Christians, and Jews. Israel has given much aide to Gaza as well, for construction and other infrastructure, but once inside, it always seems to get into the hands of Hamas and other leaders to use the cement for tunnels to infiltrate armed terrorists and suicide bombers, for just one example. The UN presence in Gaza has aided and abetted them in all this for years. Israel treats the wounded of their enemies, for free, their enemies try to destroy them in return. Those are all facts, too, but you won’t hear them from the msm, which is probably the only source you trust, so I see where you’re coming from.

Thank You! You’re 100% correct!
It is disgusting/disappointing how the Looney Lying Lefty Liberal Fake News doesn’t report on the truth!

Gaza most certainly did NOT attack Israel first at all in that hideous mess which was UNILATERALLY CAUSED BY ISRAEL.

Who started this latest skirmish?

Isn’t the answer ISRAEL who started unilaterally bombing Gaza?

Isn’t that exactly what Israel is continuing to do today?

Aren’t more than 120 people now dead because of Israel’s bellicosity?

The terrorists are not the people in Gaza.

The terrorists are the government of Israel.

The people of Gaza were only attempting to defend themselves from the unilateral bombing attack on them initiated by Israel.

The terrorist tactics were all coming from ISRAEL which is the party that started the current UNILATERAL BOMBING OF GAZA against which the people of Gaza are attempting to defend themselves.

The people of what is now Israel have been TERRORIZING THE PALESTINIANS ever since the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

If you say the West Bank and Golan is illegally occupied, I could say that the U.S. is illegally occupying CA, NV, AZ, NM and TX, because it belongs to the Mexicans. But you will say, “we won the war against them so the land is ours,” that is the same reason: “the arabas/muslims attacked, they lost the war, they lost the land, the Jews/Israelis get to keep it.” You can’t have it both ways, either wise you are a hypocrite and anti-Semite.

Prior to the formation of the UN in 1946 just after WW2, there is no such thing as ‘illegal’ in the world between sovereign countries. Countries fought each other for whatever reasons, winners and losers do whatever they did including war spoils. WW2 (like WW1) was started by European invasions within Europe, Japan in Asia Pacific, killing some 60 million. To prevent another big unjust war, the UN was founded by the winners of WW2 to put illegality on certain behaviors – unprovoked invasion, plunder of foreign land and resources, war crimes and crimes against humanity (and other things). This became international laws, all UN members must obey.

U.S. expansion from 13 colonies to establish 50 states was done before UN laws.

But the 1967 war was started by Israel, and the UN ruled it illegal. Just check the facts. Therefore all lands captured by the 1967 war illegal. Also no peace treaty was signed between participants of the 1967 war to deal with the said land. The captured land in question still belong to those prior to 1967 as far as the UN is concerned. And UN is the final decider of such matters for its members. The only way Israel can escape is to cancel its UN membership. And live the life of an international outcast.

What utter nonsense. Those two situations have nothing whatsoever in common.

Sure they do……’re just an anti-semite!

Not in the least bit.

Obama is a very little man in so many ways.
We have been leaderless for 8 years and it shows.
Bill G Wilminton NC

WORSE ! We Had A Leader In Reverse !…. Anti- USA, Anti-Israel, Anti-God.


Ain’t that the truth!
JC Teecher

Yes yes yes, and the muzzies he represents through his shadowgov leaders in the muzziebrothersnthehood, are getting plenty of representation.
Jack Mccarthy

If you are going to make a list of ALL the reasons God could curse America there are PLENTY and our mistreatment of the nation state of Israel would be around number 10

You are wrong. I suggest you read Bill Koenigs book on how anytime the US made a move that was unfavorable to Israels best interests some sort of disaster would strike the USA.
Gay Veteran

gee, how many days has it been since the UN vote?
is “god” too busy to do anything about it?

Man’s life is but dying by degrees

That’s true. Scientists (not the pc global warming lackeys) but real ones, many of whom have lost their jobs by stating facts about global warming, which although real, is far different than the msm would have us think, have said from their differing fields of expertise, that this world is indeed in a state of decay, including the sun.

What curse you talking about?
Is there anything else you talk/write lately?
Why don’t you move to land of Israel Michael and protect what you think is yours? Stop whining and go and fight for Israel.
max gon

Israel is a fascist state and should return the stolen territories to the Palestinians. I think is time to stop the abuse the Palestinian people suffers under the Israel apartheid regime.

I will bless those who bless you(Israel) and curse those who curse you. Genesis 12:3

BS for morons.

Bill G Wilminton NC

Palestinian Is A Made Up Word For A Made Up People.


The State of Palestine – Status Report

The State of Palestine is a de jure sovereign state in the Middle East that is recognized by 136 UN members and since 2012 has a status of a non-member observer state in the United Nations – which amounts to a de facto, or implicit, recognition of statehood.

The State of Palestine claims the West Bank bordering Israel and Jordan and Gaza Strip bordering Israel and Egypt with East Jerusalem as the designated capital.

Most of the areas claimed by the State of Palestine have been occupied by Israel since 1967 in the aftermath of the Six-Day War. Its independence was declared on 15 November 1988 by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Algiers as a government-in-exile.

Wow, a terrorist group(PLO). Starts a government in exile, and you think that means so,ething. I guess of ISIS claims half of Syria and Iraq. You will want to give that to them also. Or is it just Jews, you seek to steal from?

ISIS / IS / ISIL was created by the US CIA, UK MI5-6, and Israeli MOSSAD with financing from the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar – and one of the only states that has never been attacked by ISIS / IS / ISIL is the State of Israel.

So the terrorists ISIS is not O.K. But the terrorist PLO is? Have I got that right?

How is the PLO in any way “terrorist?”

Read the Invention of The Jewish People by Avi Shleim.

Bill is a pseudo Jewish poser.. He is NOT Jewish

100% correct.

Oh Pluh-eeeezzzeee! The Palestinian people are the ones that are hard to live with! There’s No Such thing as Palestinian people Anyhow!

The people living in Israel have to deal with nonsense on a daily basis from your so called (**cough**cough) Palestinian people!!

If the palistinians put down thier weapons there would be peace. If Isreal put down its weapons there would be No Isreal.

Then please put down you weapons. The whole world would be better off w/o Israel.
jj. kale.

what a truthful paragraph. Beautiful.

When you invade someone and you lose they take your territory as a result, that’s part of the price you pay! Why should the Israeli’s give it back!

Because the occupied territories that Israel has taken are outside the boundaries of Israel as defined by international law.

Whatta load of crap!

Are you seriously that ignorant and/or disrespectful of INTERNATIONAL LAW?

You can cram international law up your butt! They’re nothing but a den of thieves for the global elitists!

Your utter disrespect for international law is absolutely shameful.

Ha ha
I have never seen someone who call himself a lawyer and expert in economics saying so much biased, illogical nonsense.
Does the failure of his prophesies made him mad? Or is he taking an anticipatory bail for the upcoming failure?
Geoffrey Crumbliss

You know the Orthodox Jewish people don’t accept Israel as a State, they don’t Believe God has forgave them yet and they are not deserving of a country. Ihe real Jewish people many of which never left the area, accept Hezbollah as the rule of the land.
I doubt if even half the Israeli people there are even Jewish, most likely Russia Turks, that say, they are Jewish.
There is no curse from what Obama did, Israel was created by the Rothschild, as a position in the middle east to control the oil production and goes back to early 1900s.

The UN is 100% correct as to its position in regards Israel’s illegal settlements in illegally occupied territories which it must give up to the State of Palestine without further delay.

Nope Never gonna happen! Too bad! Get over it!

The UN is worthless and needs to leave the USA also!

You also Post way too much Nonsense!
……and I bet I know why too!
Bill G Wilminton NC

BooBooBaby Put A Block On socalbeachdude Give Us All A Break…

You obviously have a major problem as to comprehending actual facts. Sad.

The State of Palestine

The State of Palestine is a de jure sovereign state in the Middle East that is recognized by 136 UN members and since 2012 has a status of a non-member observer state in the United Nations – which amounts to a de facto, or implicit, recognition of statehood.

The State of Palestine claims the West Bank bordering Israel and Jordan and Gaza Strip bordering Israel and Egypt with East Jerusalem as the designated capital.

Most of the areas claimed by the State of Palestine have been occupied by Israel since 1967 in the aftermath of the Six-Day War. Its independence was declared on 15 November 1988 by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Algiers as a government-in-exile.

America’s greatest curse by far is FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY evidenced by the outstanding more than $64 trillion in debt it has run up – not politics related to some little tiny foreign country such as Israel.

Cut our contributions by 80% and give the money to Veteran Health Care.

Why they have been given Palestine, why not France, or Texas.?

If I was the potus , I would give Omaha to the jew. Mouhahaha!

Because it’s their ancestral homeland?

It’s also the ancestral home of the Palestinians.

It’s very sad to see that Michael has entered a self-destruction route, based on mad prophecies. Never let your fanatism go behind your logical reasoning and your common sense. So, you propose that US enter a commercial war with everybody in the world, only to be aligned with Israel when they rob land and commint crimes?

I don’t think there is a God, but if he exists, he’s going to be mad at you Michael.
max gon

jox, you are 300% correct.

Rob land? Nearly every border line drawn on the globe was established by conquest.

Israels current borders were established when their poor innocent Muslim neighbors simultaneously attacked them, not once, but twice.

If anything Israel should have invaded their countries after soundly whooping their tails. Instead it established buffer zones to protect its population.

The UN, international law and international community don’t agree with you. Sorry. And please, don’t be naive, to ‘protect the population’ it’s not the objective, but to grab all the land of ancient Israel and Jerusalem. Israel doesn’t define the borders simply because they want it all.

A conqueror can take some land if he can defend the new borders. It seems that it will not be the case for Israel.

The UN is a rogue organization overseen by international thugs, with a very limited future!!

Absolutely false and totally ludicrously laughable assertions.

I disagree – Money talks – defund the UN and kick them out of the USA.
Without the USA they are a nothing organization.
Enough stupidity – What has the UN done for the USA??
What has the UN done for anyone that the USA could not do alone?

You bible thumpers are so miserable on this earth that you pray to the invisible sky wizard to end the world. Why don’t you just kill yourselves and get it over with
JC Teecher


If any of us are miserable, it is because of the torture, rape, murdering and incarcerations of our brothers and sisters around the world, while nothing is done to help or protect them.

Reports show that 90,000 Christians were killed in 2016, entirely because of their Christianity, and belief of Jesus Christ.
Over 500,000 were (and still are) persecuted in 2016.
The Christians have become the most persecuted minority in the world, and the world has done nothing to stop it. The world thru the UN, will work feverishly to try to help the illegitimate Palestinians, that actually have it pretty good, but; will not lift a finger to help the suffering Christians.

Only a very small percentage of Middle Eastern Christians were allowed entry into the US and other countries last year, compared to the massive numbers of muslims that sought refuge, from several different countries. It is a planned program by the Islamic leaders to saturate all the world with Middle Eastern Islamists, for various reasons.
Gay Veteran

“…Only a very small percentage of Middle Eastern Christians were allowed
entry into the US and other countries last year, compared to the massive
numbers of muslims that sought refuge, from several different
countries. It is a planned program by the Islamic leaders to saturate
all the world with Middle Eastern Islamists, for various reasons.”

NO war NO refugees.

1. bring the troops home,
2. seal the borders (NO more immigration when there are not enough jobs for Americans),
3. rebuild America (from money taken from the bloated Pentagon budget).

NO foreign entanglements. If Israel wants to take more land then they can do if with NO American aid

Yep. 100% excellent and true solutions.

So true. More Christians have died for His name in the last 3 decades than in the last 2000 years put together. Facts we never hear on msm.

Sounds like YOU are the most miserable person on Earth!
You’re such a Typical Unhinged Dishevelled Jealous Looney Lying Lefty Crazy Nutjob TROLL!

Why don’t you go tell that to some Muslims, tough guy?

On the first night of the waxing moon, gather the following ingredients:a square of black cloth a little larger than your hand.1 tablespoon of curry1 tablespoon of dill1 tablespoon of vervain1 tablespoon powdered ginger1 consecrated black candlepaper and black ink pen1 black string, knotted nine timesOn paper, write the full name and birth date (if known) of the person who has cursed you.Place the paper in the center of the bag. One at a time, add the herbs, covering the slip of paper. Next, take the lit candle and drip 5-10 drops of wax over the paper and herbs.Visualize the person who has cursed you and say their name aloud three times while tying the bag shut with the knotted string. The final step is to bury the bag someplace on the property of the person who cursed you. The bag must remain there undisturbed until the next waxing moon. At that time, dig up the bag and burn the contents. This will weaken that person’s power (usually until the night of the full moon) and the curse
Jack Frost

Hell has been occurring across America for the past eight years! Police are being murdered in increasing numbers trying to enforce laws that protect society. Rioters are burning and protesting whenever they wish without recourse. Governments are no longer focused on what most citizens want. Instead they seek to appease social issues by fostering sanctuary cities and putting transgendered whatevers wherever they can. Hell has been in session for years. Adding more fuel to the fire is no real problem.

Israel’s isolation will only increase until they will have to move to the moon!
JC Teecher

Never gonna happen.
Many will didi mao, when the Antichrist/satan, sets up shop on the Temple Mount; but just to hide out for a short period of time, just before the true Messiah comes back to set things straight.

The Economic Collapse which Michael himself has been forecasting for years will actually be caused by the banker supporters of Israel’s pernicious policies.

Uuum if you follow the money Globalist Jews like George Soros are Anti-Israel.

Don’t confuse the International Jew (Soros) with the Nationalist Jew (Israel).

we’ve been controlling the UN to do our will and Israel’s will for decades now…it’s about time the right thing will happen!
max gon

Michael, it is very shameful the way you support the criminal, fascist and apartheid state of Israel. Supposedly your are a religious person, but you don’t care about the suffering and abuses Israel has caused to the Palestinian people. Let me remind you, they are humans beings.

The Palestinian people have caused their own suffering!

Absolutely false.

Prove it!

That has already been PROVEN IN SPADES by the actions of the State of Israel.

claro sos un gran chupaculo de los sionistas……..fuera judiois de palestina, aguante la resistencia palestina…

Can this blog just be renamed to The Evangelical Collapse Blog?

Seriously, I have no ill will towards Israel, but this religious s*** fit Michael is throwing, while still informative, isn’t really what I come here for.
JC Teecher

Michael has the right to write about anything he sees fit, to write about, since this blog is another luxury of free choice for folks.

I for one think that he has been spot on with the predictions of some things setting up against a non repentant America, including North America as a whole with Canada, as seen by me and some others as the majority of the “House” of Israel.

But to switch gears a little from the normal “land/state” of Israel, known as home of the jews, and their arch enemies, that they have unsuccessfully tried to coexist with; I am bring something to the table that is more towards what some of Michael’s readers want, and that is about hard figures with the economic climate.

So, here it is. Deutsche Bank.

According to reports, the Banking giant is leveraged 40 times over, to it’s equity/capital.
It’s debt to equity ratio is 24 to 1. By comparison, Goldman Sachs has gone down to a 9 to 1 ratio and they still struggle to find solid footing.

By comparison, Lehman Brothers was leveraged about 30 times over when it collapsed in 2008.

One reporter stated….” even as Deutsche Bank is rapidly losing value, it is still seen today as the largest systemic risk for the global finance world.”

As Deutsche appears to be hanging by a thread, the world economies are struggling, and one large domino falling, could be the start of something that would eventually affect the economies of North America, and bring about a series of “curses”, that just amplifies what has been happening in Israel.

These things are too big to ignore, and to face the fact that the Donald does not control what happens on the world stage. We could be set for something that even he will not be able to deal with.

Deutsche Bank is Germany’s largest and best bank, and will rapidly emerge from its transitory difficulties which were of its own making due to excessive greed and stupidity by certain people who are no longer with this fine bank.

Derivatives really don’t matter much as they are a zero sum game and the nominal face value has little to do with the actual money involved in them which is typically less than 1% of face value.

Firing people makes companies and banks significantly more profitable, and there are many more layoffs on the way for Deutsche Bank in addition to the 10,000 people fired last year as Deutsche Bank moves back towards profitability.

If you really want to understand what actually happened at Deutsche Bank that caused its current transitory issues, then read the extremely comprehensive and detailed Der Spiegel article below:

How a Pillar of German Banking Lost Its Way

For most of its 146 years, Deutsche Bank was the embodiment of German values: reliable and safe. Now, the once-proud institution is facing the abyss. SPIEGEL tells the story of how Deutsche’s 1990s rush to join the world banking elite paved the way for its own downfall.

Same here and it’s not even based on accurate knowledge of bible prophesy or what exactly the nation of Israel is. It’s frustrating because I used to have a lot of respect for this site now it’s devolved into a religious opnion blog without much merit or accuracy regarding the prophesies.

I first found this blog via a post about getting rid of the Fed… a post that was actually pretty logical, factual and rational… three words that have not applied to a single post since then.

And he just bans anyone who disagrees with his wackaloonie dogma, so he’s not even interested in any sort of real discussion. Not even sure why he allows comments at all.

But I’m sure he’s selling a lot of crazybooks.

Dollar jumps…–finance.html


Back in 1917, 92% of the land of Palestine was owned by Arab Palestinians and 8% was owned by Jewish folks, and most of the land owned by the Palestinians was ILLEGALLY SEIZED FROM THEM WHICH IS WHAT IS AT THE VERY HEART OF THE “PALESTINIAN PROBLEM.”

The History of Palestine

The Balfour Declaration was created in 1917 and had nothing whatsoever to do with the so-called “holocaust” which is alleged to have occurred in the 1940s in which it is claimed by some that 6 million Jewi9sh people died. The fact of the matter is that more than 50 MILLION PEOPLE died during World War II.

The Truth on Israel Palestine Conflict

History of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

History of Israel Palestine


PIERS MORGAN: The game’s over Mr President – and your team lost. End your Trump temper tantrum and show some dignity

Obama’s spent the past few weeks charging around like a guy who’s watching the clock tick down and is desperate to snatch some semblance of victory from the jaws of a crushing, humiliating defeat. He’s pretty much done more governing than he’s done in eight years and seems intent on making the transition to a Trump administration as poisonous and unhelpful as he possibly can. Why? Obama hates Trump and everything he stands for, and knows that Trump will get rid of, or radically change, most of his signature policies – from Obamacare to the Iran nuclear deal. That will potentially wreck his legacy. So the stakes for Obama personally are very high right now.

Assange says he is ‘1,000% confident’ that Russia was NOT the source for hacked Democratic emails which were published by WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has said Barack Obama is ‘trying to delegitimize the Trump administration’ by claiming the Russian government hacked Democrats’ emails.

Benjamin Netenyahu was interrogated by the police for three hours yesterday over an ongoing, open corruption investigation, namely accepting bribes and pay offs. Corruption always involves the illicit transactions of money.

The Jewish temple was destroyed in 70 CE and Israel was removed as the representative nation of God at that time. Real prophesy in the Bible foretold this would happen and also foretold the right to rule would be taken from Israel and given to Jesus in order to operate through the righteous Kingdom of God — and which clearly was not to operate through Israel (which was shown when Jesus refused to restore the kingdom of Israel by becoming its King). This the Jews were the ones responsible for Jesus’s murder because they were attempting to preserve their positions of power and so their only solution was to do away with Jesus under a false narrative.

Since Israel’s removal as God’s representative nation, it has become a modern-day nation that represents itself (or man) like any other modern nation on earth. This fact is shown by the corruption found within Israel’s own government elite. Israel is not set apart as God’s representive nation, the temple with its temple sacrifice will never be rebuilt and restored. To assume Trump can stop or even postpone the Great Tribulation coming upon the US and rest of the world,by any political means, in self-delusional at best.
Alberto Francis

Ummm… Why don’t we hold such strong views for America!!!???? We should be looking out for our own first and foremost. We need to rebuild America (veterans health, infrastructure, main street, rust belt, energy diversification, homelessness, medical care for the people, and last but not least our education system) first before we go fight other peoples fight for no particular reason what so ever that has to do with us.

The fact that the 1st!!! 3 items on his list has nothing to do with “Making America Great” again invalidates the enitre article for me. If the first 3 things you can list if Isreal, Isreal, Isreal than move to Isreal!

Tired of this crap! Our kids need better schools. Our roads need fixing. Our people need better healthcare. Our really middle class economy needs rebuilding and that fake wall street excel spreadsheet thievery of an economy needs to be left to rot in its own feces.
Joltin Joe

Honestly, I know you believe the only reason we are alive is because of Israel, but F Israel, they are not our friend. Never forget the USS Liberty!!!!

DT shouldn’t waste anytime on Israel, he should opt out of the UN and stop funding them and boot them from NYC but screw Israel!!!!
Gay Veteran

“…#8 Trump should publicly announce that it is the policy
of the United States government that every inch of East Jerusalem, the
West Bank, the Gaza strip and the Golan Heights belongs to Israel….”

if that is Israeli land then WHY is Israel only taking a bit every year, why not take it ALL now?

you know the answer, the theft of a little every year is easier than the theft of the whole all at once

I have been reading this blog almost since its inception. Michael, you have went off the deep end on this Israel situation. Every article your write now is about Israel. You say the USA is now cursed and we must do something to be blessed again. Please tell me how the USA has been blessed since Israel was created in 1947?? You have been writing about the destruction of this country for years now and how we have degraded in every possible way. Now all the sudden, you claim we have been blessed this entire time? If this is the “blessing” for supporting Israel the last 70 years then this “curse” is going to be really bad. I can’t believe a person of your obvious intelligence even believes in “curses” anyway.

Never talk reason with a person consumed with religion. Especially the Jewish kind.

So-called “Christian evangelicals” are even worse!

It doesn’t matter what Trump does now about the resolutions, what is done is done. It’s all fulfillment of end time prophesy.
Next is the Ezek. 38 and 39 fulfillment. Then, Revelation 11:4. Trump will have enough on his plate to handle all the issues about to take place in the next few months. As for us, we need to get on our knees and repent of all our sins. God’s wrath is real. Fear of the Lord is what is missing in America and that is an issue with Almighty God. It’s now a one on one relationship with our creator, because in just a few months…it’s all over for all of us. Judgment Day. If your not afraid of that, we all should be. We will stand in judgment for all our sins.

What utter nonsense. Which “god”?


Considering, the Arabian Alliance largely influenced by Saudi Arabia who also chairs OPEC; one has to ignore the Arabian Alliance’s regional ambitions are total dominance of the Middle East. Their last remaining obstacles compliments of the war on terror is Syria, Israel, and Iran.
Considering, war for oil is war for US Dollar hegemony enabling the US to pursue under old school measurements estimating deficit to debt spending accounts for over 80% of GDP that is dependent on the world’s reserve currency status to maintain the estimated measurement under the point of no return 93% of GDP.

So, if you really want to play the biblical prophecy card, the US is GOG or AGOG, or interestingly respectively ‘the South Shall Rise Again’ or the ‘Fourth Reich’.

Oil has plummeted in price from around $114 per barrel in June 2014 to around $52 per barrel and is headed much oil as the GLOBAL OIL GLUT intensifies.
reality bites

barry racked up staggering amounts of dept over 8 years,a massive completely bankrupt in dept up to it’s eyeballs federal gov’t with absolutely nothing (less than nothin)to show for the sea of red ink,more than half the pop. don’t work and depend on handouts,THAT’S trump reality

The word “DEBT” is spelled “DEBT” not “dept.” Overall, there is now more than $64 trillion of debt across all sectors of the US economy but that compares to around $180 trillion in assets at present values.

“10 Ways to Reverse the Curse”

No witch doctors? Voodoo men?
Tatiana Covington

Just ignore the toothless resolution.
James Staten

Perhaps a move by the US Senate?

A. There are no such things as “curses”.

B. We have FAR MORE IMPORTANT things to deal with than anything to do with Israel.

C. And if you think Trump, or any Republican, is 180º opposite of Obama, or any Democrat, you’re either naive or willfully ignorant.

100% correct.

« Donald Trump Was Born Exactly 700 Days Before Israel Became A Nation
John Kerry Unveils His Plan For A Palestinian State Based Upon 1967 Borders With East Jerusalem As The Capital »

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