NSBCN international:german Heckler & Koch will stop delivery arms to NATO member Turkey-les farces des marchands d’armes « démocrates »

[New post] German Heckler & Koch Will Stop Delivering Arms to NATO member Turkey




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German Heckler & Koch Will Stop Delivering Arms to NATO member Turkey

by nsnbc

nsnbc : A spokesperson of the German defense manufacturer Heckler & Koch told the German daily « Die Welt » that the company will re-brand itself and no longer deliver weapons to other than NATO member and other « solid » States. H&K will reportedly also stop delivering weapons to NATO member Turkey.

heckler-koch-logo_germanySpeaking on condition of anonymity to « Die Welt » the company spokesperson reportedly said: « We want to exclusively deliver to solid countries, that is, countries that are unquestionably democratic, clearly not corrupt, and countries that either are NATO members or close NATO allies ».

Speaking about a list of countries that have been give a « green light », the H&K employee was quoted as saying that « Turkey is a yellow country and will be stricken from our list of costumers ».

Turkey has been one of the main transit countries, if not the primary country for the delivery of weapons to Islamist insurgents in Syria and Iraq. Turkey has also increasingly been criticized for its sweeping crackdown against members of the leftist opposition HDP, including Mayors and MPs.

The arms manufacturer reportedly explains its changed marketing strategy with the fact that it has become increasingly difficult or even impossible to receive export licenses for export to « questionable » States. Besides that, Heckler & Koch would also like to avoid « negative headlines ».

CH/L – nsnbc 29.11.2016


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